Perfect FRM-1120lD Pouch and Bag Band Sealing Machine

FRM-1120LD Band Sealer

Perfect condition band sealer, stainless steel, available now.

This machine is in perfect condition and has only every been used as a demo machine. The FRM-1120LD Band Sealing Machine was manufactured in 2013 and is available to view running.

The band sealer has a Stainless Steel Construction and is stored in a dry, covered area.


The machine is suitable for pouches and bags weighing up to 5kg and has a maximum linear running spped of 10 metres / minute.

The height of the syncronised blet conveyor and sealing band head are both vertically adjustable to accommodate a wide range of pack heights. The FRM-1120LD has an integrated dry ink coder included plus a full range of spare parts.

The band sealer suits plastic laminates such as PET/PE, BOPP/PE etc.


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More Information

Works Required:None
Location:Rutland, UK
On Offer:No
Type:Band Sealer
Manufacture Date:2013
Usage:Demo only
Availability:Available Now
Storage:Dry, covered storage
Suitability:The band sealer suits plastic laminate pouches and bags of up to 5Kg each.
Construction:Stainless Steel
Max Speed:10 metres per minute
Food Safe:Yes
Max Target Weight:5Kg

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FRM-1120LD Band Sealer
FRM-1120LD Band Sealer Control

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