Immaculate Condition Gainsborough VFFS Baggin Machine

Gainsborough GV1

Immaculate Condition Gainsborough Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine Available Now

Sorry, this item has been sold.

We have a Gainsborough GV1 bagging machine available now for sale that has been reconditioned to the highest of standards.

Previously used to bag 60g bags of pork scratchings (about the size of a packet of crisps) but can be adapted to bag just about anything.

The unit is hand fed with the aid of a foot pedal. A feed system, auger, filler or weigher could be added very easily.

The vertical form fill seal machines comes complete with a digital ICE Printer worth a lot of money on its own and a brand new air compressor.

The Gainsborough GV1 bagging machine is ready to go and just needs plugging in!

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Location:Grantham, Lincolnshire
On Offer:No
Type:VFFS Bagging Machine
Condition:Immaculate Condition
Usage:60g Bags of Pork Scratchings
Availability:Available Now
Construction:Painted Mild Steel

Sorry, this item has been sold.

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Gainsborough GV1
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Gainsborough GV1
Gainsborough GV1
Gainsborough GV1
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