Refurbished Ishida S-Type Multihead Weigher

Ishida S-Type Multihead Weigher

1987 S-Type 12 Head Multihead Weigher refurbished by Ishida

Sorry, this item has been sold.

We have a 1987, 12 head multihead weigher, recently refurbished by Ishida available from the UK.

Contact Part Surface: Plain
Discharge Chute Angle: 53
Pool Hopper: Single Open Anti Spill
Weigh Hopper: Single Open Anti Spill
DF Spec: 10 degrees
No timing hopper

This machine are currently configured for cereals.
Modification to alternative specifications are possible at extra cost.
Language: Currently English (others available on request)

Refurbishment includes:
Full Testing
Span Weights included
Full soak testing
Full strip, rebuild and retune radial feeders
Refurbish all hoppers

Modification to this specification available at extra cost - subject to availability.

More Information

On Offer:No
Type:Multihead Weigher
Model Number:CCW-S-212
Manufacture Date:1987
Max Speed:60-70

Sorry, this item has been sold.

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Ishida S-Type Multihead Weigher
Ishida S-Type Multihead Weigher

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