Used König Artisan Bread Line

Konig Artisan Bread Processing Line

Dough processling line with laminate unit, rounder device, make up unit, flour dusters and retracting belt for square and round pieces.

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We have a König Artisan dough processing line for bread production.

Built in 2007 and with a capacity of 1000kg / hour, this line has utilises rows and allows for a weight range fof 45g - 130g (total 3 dums).

The bread processing line has a working width of 800mm and can be seen in operation on request.


The Artisan dough processing line by König consists of:

+ Dough infeed belt for Artisan SFI 350 M

+ Hopper TRO 300

+ Star hopper NB 700

+ König Artisan Line, SFI Model 350

+ Rounder Unit, Model A

+ Forming station SCR-DB800

+ Decoration unit MO (WB / ST) 800 - with two-sided moistening and spreaders

+ Dough moistening unit with 3 open stainless steel belts

+ Retracting belt ABe800 (1200)



3-Phase, 50Hz

Free Programmable Siemens PLC control, Siematic S7 with touch screen control panel, Siemens type "Blue Line"


Suitable Products:

Grain Rolls: 90g - 100g

Pumpkin Rolls: Approx. 85g - 100g square

Senner Pancake: Approx. 125g square piece of dough

Berliner: 55g


More Information

On Offer:No
Type:Bread Line
Model:SFI Model 350
Manufacture Date:2007
Availability:Available Now
Storage:In Situ
Viewable:Can be seen in production
Power Requirement:3-Phase, 50Hz
Food Safe:Yes

Sorry, this item has been sold.

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Konig Artisan Bread Processing Line
Konig Artisan Bread Processing Line
Konig Artisan Bread Processing Line
Konig Artisan Bread Processing Line
Konig Artisan Bread Processing Line
Konig Artisan Bread Processing Line

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