About Food-Machinery.co.uk

Food-Machinery.co.uk is a division of Iris Packaging Ltd.

Food-Machinery.co.uk is an online storefront for Iris Packaging Ltd. who are UK food machinery suppliers and dealers.
The Food-Machinery.co.uk website was designed as a tool to enable food machinery suppliers and dealers, from the UK and around the world, to promote and advertise their available new & used food machinery online. 

Who are we?

Iris Packaging Ltd. is a new company set up by experienced food machinery engineers, dealers & suppliers who provide asset management services to help businesses find buyers for their unwanted used food machinery. They also sell new & used food machinery and processing equipment to industry, dealers and businesses with the UK as well as globally.

Iris Packaging Ltd has several affiliations set up with existing machinery engineers, suppliers & manufacturers to enable them to offer quality food machinery at very competitive prices. They aim to increase and develop these affiliations across the UK to many suppliers, dealers, liquidators, auctioneers and service engineers in order to provide the best possible solutions for any new or used bespoke food machinery related buying and selling requirements.

What can I do on this website?

Find, Search for, enquire about and buy food machinery...

The main purpose of this food machinery website is to provide an extensive, easily navigable, searchable food machinery catalogue of available machinery. Each machine is provided with images and descriptions and gives the visitor the option to enquire directly to us about any further details or purchasing questions they may have.

We have broken each available machine down into several categories and areas around the website to help make locating the right equipment easier for each individuals needs.

We appreciate feedback and we will listen to any complaints, problems and requests you may have about the design, function and usability of this website.

Advertise, Sell & Promote your available food machinery...

If you want to advertise your own available machinery on this website, please email us your details as well as the machinery details, any photos / videos / catalogues and descriptions you may have and we will add them to the website for you. Any enquiry placed about your machinery will then be sent to you via telephone or email, (dependant on your specification), and you can choose whether or not you wish to follow up with the enquiry or not.

How much does it cost to advertise or sell my equipment through this website?

Absolutely nothing!

There are no upfront costs related to advertising, promoting or listing your equipment on this website. If you would like us to, we will even come to you to photograph and catalogue your available machinery to ensure that our visitors get all of the information they require about your machinery.

How does food-machinery.co.uk make money?

We make our money by taking a percentage of the final sale price for any machinery sold through this website from the client. This amount depends on the type and value of the machinery being sold and we are very reasonable with our rates.
This can be done in several ways, either by taking a cut from the seller’s fee or adding our rates to the sale price that the seller is offering the machinery at.

We are very open minded and are more than willing to work with you to ensure any enquiries you get go smoothly and we will do our best to offer and source any additional services you may require relating to the enquiry.

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