Packing Machinery: End of Line Solutions Catalogue

Below is a list of all of the machinery we have available from the End of Line Solutions category...

Detectronic Metal Detector Side View
We have a Detectronics Metal Detector available for sale now. Running and tested, this metal detetector will detect 1.5mm Ferrousm, 2mm Non-Ferrous and 3mm Stainless. Aperture Size: 320mm x 160mm
Incline Elevator
Ishida Multihead weigher and Sandiacre VFFS bagging machine packing line available for immediate sale. This line is in great condition and will suit a huge range of products and bag sizes. Ideal...
Loma Metal Detector
Aperture 300mm wide X 150mm high
Loma Metal Detector, Check Weigher Combination Unit
Aperture 300mm wide x 120mm high.
Multivac MBS 200 Converging Conveyor
We have a fully operational Multival MBS 200 converging conveyors system available now in Lincolnshire. The conveyor system is in great condition and Stainless Steel.   Max. Pack Width:...
Image of Used Twin Sandiacre Take-Off Conveyor
This machine was originally used with a Sandiacre Twin Bagging Machine but not exclusive to one. Can be used as transfer or elevating conveyor for most VFFS bagging machines or low level packing...
Loma Metal Detector
No Description

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More End of Line Solutions Information

If you would like to add an item of new or used End of Line Solutions for sale into this End of Line Solutions catalogue, please contact by emailing us with details of your new or used End of Line Solutions, your contact details and any photos of your new or used food End of Line Solutions.

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